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Freeletics Beginner: What you should know before starting Freeletics

Here you will find a few tips on how to start your Freeletics Training as a novice.

Basically, you need to decide if you are going to do Freeletics free of charge, or if you will buy the Freeletics Training Plan.

Freeletics free of charge

You can access Freeletics for free if you opt for the basic package. For example, you can download the free Feeletics LITE app onto your Android or iOS smartphone. This will give you access to several free Freeletics Exercises and Freeletics Workouts. Of course, the free app does not include a training plan. You can just use the free content to get a better idea of what Freeletics is all about. Also, don’t forget that since Freeletics comes with a 14-day money back guarantee, the training plan is basically “free” or, should we say, non-binding, for the first two weeks. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also register via the Freeletics Web platform. This will give you insight into the free workouts, but it does mean that you are required to be in the same place to do your training. The app gives you the freedom to train outdoors, at the gym, etc.

Definitely give the Aphrodite Workout a try. This will give you a good idea as to what to expect from Freeletics as a free athlete. The Dione Workout as well as the Metis Workout are also available for free. A good warm-up is important before doing these workouts. I have provided a video on this topic below.

You should train 3-4 times a week to get a sense of the training commitment you would be making if you decide to buy Freeletics Coach.

Training with Freeletics Coach

If you have decided to buy Feeletics Coach and have received a training plan: Congratulations!! Now you can really get going on your own Freeletics Transformation! 🙂

It is important to note that you have 20 weeks after the date of registration to complete your 15-week Freeletics Training Plan.

There is really not much to add here, because the Coach will provide all the necessary information, i.e., the training sessions and the workouts you need to do. Just one quick note: Coach and Training Plan mean the same thing and are used interchangeably here.

Be sure to remember that each ‘session’ indicated in the Coach is the training for one day. These are the minimum requirements, but, if you are fit enough and feel that you can do it, you can add a MAX workout. If it does not exhaust you too much, it can really only make you stronger. However, I would recommend that beginners stick to the workouts indicated by the Coach/Training Plan for the first 1-2 weeks.

Selecting the right Freeletics Training focus

It is important to choose the focus that is right for you. You can already do this when you register. But don’t worry, if you find out in the course of the training plan that you chose incorrectly, it is not a problem. You can change your focus during the 15-week plan (the new focus will be reflected in the training schedule starting the following week). You can make this change in your profile under the Member section. For more information on this subject, please go to the FAQ section.

Here is a brief overview of the 3 focus types available:

  • Cardio: This Coach focus is mainly selected by women and endurance athletes. The Cardio Coach helps you improve your endurance without building a lot of muscle mass.
  • Strength: What the name implies is the goal here: to get stronger and build muscle without adding fat (lean muscles). Generally, this focus is selected by athletes who are focused on strength/power and men who currently do not have a lot of muscle mass.
  • Cardio & Strength: A combination of the two coaches that improves endurance, builds muscle, and reduces fat. The biggest customer group of this coach consists of individuals who are overweight (mostly men), as well as all-around good athletes. This training plan provides the greatest variety of exercises.


Be sure to warm up prior to starting each training session. Here is a video with a sample warm-up that I put on YouTube a while back.

Taking breaks during workouts

You can take as much time as you want to complete your workouts. Generally speaking, your ambition will soon kick in because each workout is timed. But don’t let that stress you out. It is much more important, especially in the beginning, to develop good technique (as shown in the Freeletics Exercise demo videos) than to try to beat the time of the featured athletes.

Most workouts do not include a planned break. The motto: complete the workout as quickly as possible while using solid technique. Wherever breaks are indicated, they should be strictly observed.

Freeletics & Nutrition: next level

The success of your training with Freeletics is also dependent on your nutrition. You are probably familiar with the saying: “garbage in – garbage out.” This is particularly applicable here.
It is not necessary to stuff yourself with nutritional supplements during your training. Just the opposite: fresh food is the better choice. But not just that: you need to choose the right foods in order to reach your goal (which is generally loosing weight, building muscle, or both). Here is where the Freeletics Nutrition Guide comes into play.

The Nutrition Guide will help you reach your goal, and that without expensive supplements. Every week you will receive interesting recipes that are easy to prepare.

You can find helpful answers to many frequently-asked questions in my extensive FAQ section.

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