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Freeletics Costs

Freeletics Training Costs
While some aspects of Freeletics Training are free, access to the complete content does incur a charge.

Upon payment of the fee, there are three Freeletics features you will receive:

  • the Freeletics Coach
  • the Freeletics Food Guide (Nutrition Guide)
  • Since the big Freeletics update of September 2014, only a free Freeletics app is available and there is no difference between the free and PRO versions.

Freeletics Coach

The Freeletics Coach is the Training Schedule you receive with Freeletics for 15 weeks. Access to the Coach is € 39.90. This is a one-time fee for these 15 weeks. So that you can continue seamlessly with your program, the Coach renews automatically after 15 weeks. The subscription can be canceled without prior notice. Per week, the Freeletics Coach costs € 2.66. With an average of 4 workouts per week, every Freeletics workout is only 67 cents 😉

Learn more about the Coach at Freeletics Coach.

Freeletics Food Guide

The Freeletics Food Guide helps you eat right and ensures that your success with Freeletics is not at risk through an improper diet. Access to the Food Guide is € 29.90. This is a one-time charge for the 15 weeks of Freeletics. This is not a subscription that automatically renews, so you are not bound to any commitment. Per week, the Freeletics Food guide only costs € 1.99. Every week, you can access additional recipes that are easy to make. Freeletics recipes ensure that your body gets what it needs to get the most out of your 15 week training program.
Learn more about the food guide at Freeletics Food Guide.

Freeletics app

NEW: Since the big Freeletics update in September 2014, only the free app is available and there is no difference between the free app and the PRO version which incurred a fee. With the access information of Freeletics Coach, you can activate all the features and workouts for free in the app.
The app is available for Android as well as iOS smartphones and can be purchased from the respective stores. I recommend getting the app so it will be easier to do your exercises outdoors. Of course, you can always enter your results afterwards, but that means that you have to write down which Freeletics exercises or which Freeletics workout you are doing, how often, and how long it takes you. That seems a bit tedious!

Learn more about the app at Freeletics App.


Freeletics free of charge

As mentioned above, there are a few exercises and workouts that you can access free of charge. You can find these under Freeletics Exercises as well as Freeletics Workout.

The Freeletics Money Back Guarantee

It should be mentioned that Freeletics offers a no questions asked – money back guarantee for the first 14 days after purchase of the Freeletics Coach or the Freeletics Food (Nutrition) Guide. With this guarantee, there is no risk.

What are you waiting for! Get going today and don’t wait another minute to get started on the better and fitter ‘you’. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for your money back up to 14 days after purchase. If you are satisfied, you are on the way to achieving a better ‘you’ 🙂