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Freeletics vs. X3 Elite Bar: Test Winner [Freeletics Alternative]

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Freeletics vs Xe Elite Bar test

For those aiming to get strong and fit, there are numerous training methods catering to different goals and needs. Two popular and effective methods are Freeletics and the X3 Elite Bar. This comparison will detail both methods, highlight their unique advantages, and determine which is better suited for various fitness goals. Factors like muscle building, fat burning, flexibility, training location and time, and costs will be considered. Recommendations will be based on individual fitness goals and lifestyles.

What is Freeletics?

Freeletics vs X3 Elite Bar

me… after a demanding Freeletics workout

If you are not already familiar with Freeletics, here is a brief overview of what it entails. To keep the information concise, I will focus on the most essential aspects without claiming completeness. For more detailed information, you can visit the Freeletics website here >>

Background and Concept

Freeletics is a fitness app and community offering high-intensity functional workouts that can be performed without equipment and in limited space. The concept is based on bodyweight exercises designed to improve overall strength, endurance, and flexibility. Additional nutrition tips and recipes can be subscribed to.

Training Types and Intensity

Freeletics offers a variety of training types, including High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cardio workouts, and specific programs for muscle building and fat burning. The intensity of the workouts can be adjusted to match individual fitness levels, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes.

Target Audience and Benefits

Freeletics is ideal for those seeking a flexible and cost-effective workout that doesn’t require a gym or equipment. The high adaptability, community support, and the ability to train anytime and anywhere are major advantages. The app’s subscription model offers various options for users.

What is the X3 Elite Bar?

If you are not already familiar with X3 training, here is a brief overview of what it entails. To keep the information concise, I will focus on the most essential aspects without claiming completeness. For more detailed information, you can visit the X3 website here >>

Background and Concept

The X3 Elite Bar, developed by Dr. John Jaquish, is an innovative training device that combines a high-quality aluminum bar with special latex resistance bands to facilitate effective strength training. This method is based on variable resistance training, where resistance increases throughout the movement, leading to better muscle activation.

Vitruvian Trainer+ Alternative?

I’ve noticed that only a few people know about the X3 Elite Bar, but many are looking for the Vitruvian Trainer+. Here’s my clear stance: the Vitruvian Trainer+ costs at least six times more and in my opinion offers the same results. I tested it in a gym where I happened to find a vitruvian trainer+, and the workout felt no different from the significantly cheaper X3 Bar. So, anyone considering spending a few thousand $ more on the Vitruvian Trainer+ should try the X3 Bar Elite first. The money saved can be well invested in other things – such as the great supplements by X3 manufacturer Jaquish Biomedical! (you can find them on the X3 website here, in case you’re interested >>)

Training Principles and Equipment

The X3 Elite Bar requires minimal space and can be used both at home and on the go, with a specific carrying case available for travel. The exercises are designed to train all major muscle groups with high intensity, necessary for maximum muscle growth.

Here’s a video of me from my very early days with X3, doing the “push day”. Since then I have considerably improved my form and strength!

Target Audience and Benefit

The X3 Elite Bar is ideal for those seeking an effective strength training routine that takes little time but delivers impressive results. Advantages include minimal risk of injury, high effectiveness of variable resistance training, and significant time savings.

Comparison of Training Methods

Freeletics vs X3 Elite Bar comparison

Muscle Building

Both methods are effective for muscle building, but the X3 Elite Bar offers an advantage with its variable resistance training, providing continuous muscle tension.

Fat Burning

Freeletics is particularly effective for fat burning due to its HIIT workouts, which boost metabolism and increase calorie burn.


Freeletics offers greater flexibility with bodyweight-based workouts that require no equipment. However, some Freeletics workouts may need to be performed outdoors. The X3 Elite Bar, while requiring specific equipment, needs only minimal space.

Training Location and Time

Both methods are home-friendly, but Freeletics requires no equipment, whereas the X3 Elite Bar needs minimal space for bands and the bar. Freeletics also includes some outdoor activities like running.

Adaptability to Different Fitness Levels

Freeletics provides programs for all fitness levels and can be easily adjusted to individual needs, supported by AI. The X3 Elite Bar is suitable for various fitness levels but is particularly beneficial for advanced athletes due to the variable resistance. It is used by professional basketball and American football players.

Cost and Availability

Freeletics involves subscription costs for app usage, while the X3 Elite Bar is a one-time investment in equipment. Both methods are readily available online.

Price-Performance Ratio

The X3 Elite Bar offers excellent value due to its effectiveness and time efficiency. Freeletics is cost-effective and flexible, making it appealing to many.

Long-Term Investment vs. Short-Term Costs

The X3 Elite Bar is a long-term investment in high-quality training equipment, whereas Freeletics incurs ongoing app subscription fees. Over time, the Freeletics subscription might become more expensive than the one-time purchase of the X3 Elite Bar.

My Personal Test Winner: X3 Elite Bar

Freeletics vs X3 Elite Bar test winner

Reason for my Decision

The X3 Elite Bar has been chosen as the test winner due to its unique strengths and features. It offers extremely effective strength training with variable resistance, leading to better results in a shorter time while minimizing the risk of injury. The continuous use of the X3 Elite Bar over nearly six months has shown consistent improvement in form and strength.

Who is Freeletics Best Suited For?

Freeletics is ideal for those seeking a flexible, cost-effective, and equipment-free workout. It is beneficial for individuals who enjoy community support and motivation from other members. Freeletics is particularly advantageous for those who travel frequently, have limited time, or lack access to a gym.

Who is X3 Best Suited For?

X3 Elite Bar bands

The X3 Elite Bar is ideal for people seeking an intense and effective strength training workout that takes very little time. A regular workout will only take about 15 minutes once you are familiar with the correct techniques. The X3 training may be particularly beneficial for somewhat advanced athletes (though there are many satisfied beginners in the X3 Facebook group) looking for a new challenge, as well as for those wanting to achieve maximum results in a short time. X3 promotes itself with the slogan “Triple the Gains,” essentially meaning “triple your success” (as seen on one of the latex bands with this slogan printed on it). To my knowledge, this comparison specifically refers to traditional weight training in gyms, a topic on which X3 founder Dr. John Jaquish has also written a bestselling book titled “Weightlifting is a Waste of Time. And so is Cardio.”

John Jaquish Weightlifting is a waste of time


X3 Elite Bar success

Let’s also have a look at a few success stories of folks using the X3 bar:

My Conclusion and Recommendations

Both Freeletics and the X3 Elite Bar offer unique advantages for different needs and fitness goals. Freeletics excels in flexibility, cost efficiency, and community support, while the X3 Elite Bar stands out for its effectiveness, time efficiency, and variable resistance training

For flexible, cost-effective, and equipment-free training, Freeletics is the best choice. For those preferring an intense and effective strength training routine with minimal time investment, the X3 Elite Bar is ideal.

Let me try to summarise:

For people looking for a flexible and cost-effective workout without equipment, Freeletics is the best choice.
For those who prefer intensive and effective strength training with minimal time expenditure and would rather invest in training equipment, the X3 Elite Bar is the ideal solution.
In addition, the manufacturer Jaquish Biomedical also offers some supplements that Joh Jaquish himself says are the best on the market, such as the Fortagen supplement for protein supply for better muscle building. Although the manufacturer can say a lot when the day is long, as a member of the X3 Facebook group I know that quite a few members swear by Fortagen and other supplements from the manufacturer, such as In-Perium. You can also find these supplements somewhat hidden on this website here >>>

Buy the test winner X3 Elite Bar

Has this convinced you? Then I invite you to start your own X3 success story now on the X3 website. Here’s to your “triple winnings”! 🙂
Test X3 here >