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Freeletics Recipes

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In addition to the Freeletics Workout, your diet also plays an important role in ensuring your success in training. Getting the right nutrients is key. The wrong diet may slow your progress in attaining your goals, or may not let you achieve them at all. This is particularly true when your goal is to lose weight, and/or to develop defined abdominals. All your efforts may be in vain if your diet is wrong — so this is where the Freeletics Food Guide comes in.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to just simply publish Freeletics Recipes. However, I do have permission to show you photographs of sample recipes. Freeletics refers to these photos affectionately as Food porn 🙂 I think these pictures are enough to get your mouth watering (mine, too). You can also tell that healthy eating does not mean having to do without, nor does it have to be plain and boring! And, it keeps you healthy and fit — what more could you possibly ask for 🙂

Main Meals

Snacks / In-between meals





So, hungry yet? 🙂 Perhaps I’ll be able to publish a few of my own recipes here and there — especially when it comes to scrambled eggs and omelets… 🙂

I am often asked if Freeletics is also for those who follow a vegan diet. Here is your answer: Freeletics Vegan

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Here is more information on diet: Freeletics Food Guide