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Freeletics Coupon: 30% discount!!!!

From time to time Freeletics offers free coupons and discount codes for the Freeletics app, the Freeletics Coach and the Freeletics Nutrition Guide. On this page you will find information on current, published Freeletics coupons and discounts. Depending on the coupon code, you may receive a percentage discount, a flat amount off the regular price, or another benefit. I have no control over the type of discounts that become available, and I make no guarantees regarding their applicability (since all discounts are only valid for a limited time).

Couponcode: icreatemyself

Freeletics Coupon for 2015: Get your coach with 14% – 42% discount

Freeletics Coupon 2015

Freeletics Coupon for january 2015: Get your coach with 30% – 72% discount

Freeletics Coupon january 2015

Limited offer: Get your Nutrition Guide with 20% discount

Freeletics discount

valid until 26.12.2014

Freeletics Discount: 30% off all Freeletics training schedules

(Last checked on June 30, 2014: still valid!!) At the beginning of the year 2014, Freeletics published a 30% discount code that seems still valid. This is an insider tip and I don’t know how long it will remain active. Just try it and see if it is still valid. The 30% off coupon can be applied to the Freeletics Coach and the Freeletics Nutrition Guide.

Freeletics nutrition guide for free

It is possible that you not only receive 30% off, but that when you buy the Freeletics Coach, you might also receive the diet recipes guide (Freeletics Nutrition Guide) for free — this is a special offer from Freeletics but I do not know for how long it is valid – just try it. To get the coupon, go to the following Freeletics page: Freeletics Coupon page. In the coupon field (important: the coupon field appears after you have completed your free registration!) you can then enter the following code:

Freeletics discount code